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  1. As I posted on one of your YouTube videos. In love with your nature photos. Can you please tell me where to purchase the Sunset photos. I want one of each. And do you ship to Texas? Long story how I came across you. But once I did…you are a awesome person with a lively family. Must admit some of your post actually made me lol. Hilarious…you made me want to visit Isreal and Jerusalem one day. It’s absolutely beautiful there. I’m with you all the way to helping your people get back into Isreal. I have Jewish ancesters my self. But wasn’t raised Jewish..if that makes any sense. I would love to convert over. But don’t know where to start. But any who…I want to purchase some photos from you if I may. Thanks

  2. Dear Laura,

    Much moved by your generous gesture toward the Haredi man who wanted to sit next to his visually impaired friend. You could have stood (um sat) on principle, as many women would have, and even as your “gut” instinct might have had it. But you extended your heart to the other. To me: there is no better definition of god/Goodness/ Torah than this.

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