Egypt: The land where I shouldn’t be

When my friend and I decided to go on an adventure, we could have chosen any place in the world. We were intrigued by Egypt however. The mystery, the Jewish history, the pyramids all drew us in. And the close proximity made it seem the ideal trip as it would be quick and easy to get to. Except that it was neither quick, nor easy…

Our friends, when we told them of our plans, mostly thought we were nuts. “Why would you go to Egypt?”
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In everyone’s circle

There are few times that I can recall my social media feeds being so utterly saturated with only one thing. One single horrific act on a Sunday morning created shock-waves throughout the Anglo Jewish world and way beyond. A true warrior for Israel, someone who epitomized strength and bravery, had somehow, almost inconceivably, become the latest victim of the endless war of terror against Jews and Israel.The appalling murder of Ari Fuld also did what few things could: generated a rare sense of unity. Read More

Organic Facebook Marketing for SMX Israel 2014

I once opened my Instagram account and found an account for Infected Mushroom ‘liked’ my pic and added ‘Love your photos’. I was thrilled! They had 10,000 followers… I was NOT one of them, and they liked MY pic? I looked them up to listen to their songs to find something to repay the compliment but couldn’t find any. So I just said ‘thanks’ and moved on. Thing is I couldn’t move on. I obsessed over it and clicked back to them wondering how they got to me. There were all these pics of a cool rock band that I couldn’t stand.

Then, one day, I searched for the Infected Mushroom account and it had disappeared. Of course that couldn’t be. Accounts with 10,000 followers don’t get summarily chucked. I went back to my picture with the original comment and discovered that the comment was now under a different, unrelated name…  Baffled, I clicked on it and found what looked like a brand-new account… with nearly 10,000 followers! Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out their bait and switch strategy. Nor does it take a rocket scientist to realize that their fans are NOT going to engage. They are fake fans. Read More

All good things…

I began my employment at Nefesh B’Nefesh more than six years ago; although truthfully my deep connection to the organization and all that it does predates NBN itself… Since then I have had many fulfilling roles within the organization, finally settling on social media coordinator. I took to it like a fish to water, learning constantly, building NBN’s social media footprint from the ground up, and loving every minute.

It’s been an incredible journey and so it is with bittersweet feelings that I write my final post as an employee of Nefesh B’Nefesh. I have connected with so many incredible people, both in and out of the organization, and it has expanded my world more than you’ll ever know.

My passions for Israel, Aliyah and social media remain unabated as I move onward, building my own private marketing/social media/writing consulting business, LBD Creative. It’s an exciting new adventure for me, and I hope to continue to connect with many of you in my new role.

You can reach me at or find me on FacebookTwitter, or any number of other places on the web…

Yours sincerely,